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Marketing Growth Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

Sandra Clayton tells Shane Barker how she overcame challenges to build a $6 million business in just 2 years. She founded Conversion Minded to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


In her career, spanning more than 20 years, Sandra has been a writer, designer, entrepreneur, and marketer. Listen to her tips in her podcast episode here:


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You Will Learn


  • Why commitment and self-sufficiency are important
  • What it takes to build a $6 million business in 2 years
  • The challenges of running a business
  • Why delegation is important for all entrepreneurs
  • Useful tools for running an online business
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs 


Key Takeaways


[4:33] Sandra’s Family and Childhood

[10:28] Sandra Talks About Committing to Your Goals

[15:42] Sandra’s Parents

[21:13] How Sandra Started Conversion Minded

[27:00] Building a Business Marketing Strategy

[28:27] How Sandra Built a $6 Million Business

[31:11] Business Challenges

[36:43] Sandra’s Businesses

[38:25] The Importance of Delegation

[39:38] Sandra’s Favorite Tools

[42:20] Advice for Entrepreneurs

[47:47] Sandra’s New Project

[51:37] Random Fact About Sandra


Guest Bio


Sandra Clayton is the Founder of Conversion Minded, a company that helps entrepreneurs grow their online businesses. In her career of over 20 years in marketing and business development, she has been a writer, designer, marketer, and an entrepreneur herself. 

Sandra is a hustler — she built a $6 million business in just 2 years! When she is not working, she loves to go for a good run or to hit the gym to focus on her health goals.