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Marketing Growth Podcast

Jul 24, 2019

Jeff Bullas and Shane Barker analyze how the world of content marketing has changed over the years. Learn about the factors that make a content marketing strategy successful.

In this episode, Jeff shares his insights on social media trends, influencer marketing, and other trends that are dominating the marketing landscape.

Content marketing requires that you keep up with the latest trends and adapt your strategy constantly. Take notes as Jeff Bullas gives you pointers to create your own successful content marketing strategy. 

I’ve also been on a similar path and learned many marketing lessons along the way. Check out how I leveraged content marketing to improve my search rankings:

In this episode, You Will Learn:

  • How has content marketing changed over the years?
  • Why is keeping track of trends important?
  • Why is social media a double-edged sword?
  • What is it like to become an influencer?
  • What is it like to become an entrepreneur?
  • What makes a good content marketing strategy?

Guest Bio:

Jeff Bullas is a marketing expert, blogger, keynote speaker, and best selling author. His website, receives more than 5 million visitors a year. Jeff Bullas was named as the #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer in 2018. He was also featured on Forbes as one of the Top 20 Influencers of Chief Marketing Officers in 2018. Besides marketing, he has keen interests in cycling and photography.



What does it take to succeed in content marketing? Read on to learn the key pillars that make an effective strategy for content creation and distribution.