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Marketing Growth Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

Amy Higgins and Shane Barker discuss how the fields of content marketing and PR are beginning to blend together. Discover how brands are using an integrated approach to PR and content marketing to get the best results.


In this episode, Amy Higgins tells us why you shouldn’t think of content marketing and PR as two mutually exclusive strategies. She even gives us a word of advice on how we can combine these strategies to get the maximum results.


I’ve also dabbled in PR and content marketing and learned a few important lessons. Read my case studies on PR and content marketing to learn more: 



You Will Learn


  • Trends in the content marketing industry
  • How PR and content are related
  • Why you need to combine your PR and content marketing strategies
  • How brands are integrating PR and content marketing
  • What kind of content works
  • Which tools can help with content marketing and PR



Key Takeaways


[01:05] Amy’s San Fransisco Connection

[05:32] Family Life

[07:25] How Amy’s Grandma Smuggled Whiskey Once

[08:40] College Years & First Job

[11:05] Moving From Fashion to Marketing

[13:50] Amy’s Perspective on Life

[17:58] Life of a Content Strategist

[20:00] What NOT to Do With Content

[23:50] PR + Content Marketing

[28:30] Amy’s Favorite Software

[35:05] Advice to Her 20-Year-Old Self

[39:43] When Amy Sold Girl Scout Cookies

[42:50] Passion For Trekking

[47:13] Which Famous People Would Amy Invite For Dinner?

[48:46] Where to Get In Touch With Amy 




Guest Bio


Amy Higgins is a content marketing expert who is currently the Director of Content at Sojern, a  media company that focuses on data-driven traveler marketing. 


She is also a judge at the Content Marketing Awards, presented and owned by the Content Marketing Institute. When she’s not working, she likes going to the opera, hiking, and trying out different foods. She is a true blue adventure junkie — she has even made it to Everest Base Camp!









PR and content marketing are beginning to merge. To keep up with the pace of the industry, I would suggest that you take an integrated approach for PR and content marketing. If done correctly, a combined approach can help you get the best of both worlds.


If you need help with content marketing and PR, please feel free to reach out to me to chat.