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Marketing Growth Podcast

Nov 13, 2019

Sales and marketing are crucial for all businesses. Without them, it can be difficult to sustain your business. To help you understand their importance, I have with me, Pam Didner. 


Listen as she discusses how you can align sales and marketing better here: 


You need to design the customer journey perfectly to ensure that your prospects move smoothly towards the conversion stage. Here’s how:


You Will Learn About


  • Pam’s Journey
  • The Importance of Templates
  • Best Practices of Sales & Marketing
  • Aligning Sales & Marketing


Guest Bio


Pam Didner is a B2B tech marketing consultant, author, and speaker. She is a passionate B2B marketer with more than 20 years of experience in sales enablement and product, partner, and content marketing for clients such as Cisco, Intel, 3M, and Microsoft. With a diversified background in finance, accounting, product support, and global marketing strategy, Pam Didner has a comprehensive understanding of how marketing impacts a company as a whole.







Sales and marketing may not be the same, but you should consider integrating them to offer a unified brand experience to your customers. Both teams can support each other and help strengthen your entire funnel to increase your revenue. 


You must organize regular meetings between the teams and help them work together. It’s also necessary to build the reputation of your salespersons to improve your conversion rates. Create quality content that they can use and also track all the joint KPIs to understand where you stand. 


What are the other ways through which you can align sales and marketing? Let me know in the comments.